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  • Can a Nurse Practitioner serve as a primary care provider?
    Yes. A Nurse Practitioner is held to the same ethical and legal standards of a Physician. They are independent providers, may diagnose, prescribe, order therapeutic treatments and diagnostic testing, and treat patients according to New York State Law. The NP model has been gaining popularity for its patient- centered approach to care, and many patients prefer the NP model as their choice for delivering primary care.
  • How do I book an appointment and how soon will I be seen?
    To schedule an appointment, or to find out more information about medical house calls, you may contact us via telephone or email. Manhattan House Calls, PLLC Office: 212 980-4294 Fax: 212 994-3482 Email: Referral Line: (877) 97-VISIT (978-4748) Patients requesting appointments are typically seen within 1 week of initial contact.
  • Will my insurance cover this service?
    Traditional Medicare policies will cover 80% of services rendered, and the remaining 20% can be covered by secondary insurance contracts. We also accept: VNS CHOICE Medicare VillageCare Max Self-pay with personal checks or money order. Please contact us for any questions regarding payment options.
  • What is a Nurse Practitioner?
    A Nurse Practitioner is a healthcare provider who has completed four years of training in a state accredited Nursing- Baccalaureate program. They must then go on to obtain a Masters Degree in Primary Care at a state- accredited Nursing Masters Degree program. After successfully passing a State Board exam, they become licensed to prescribe, diagnose, order therapeutic modalities, and treat patients for acute and chronic illnesses. They are held to the same legal and ethical standards of a physician. They may practice independently as primary care providers (PCP),
  • Why should I choose a Nurse Practitioner?
    Many communities across the country rely solely on Nurse Practitioners for their care and expertise in addressing their health needs. In New York City, there is a large community of individuals who cannot access healthcare because their physical limitations do not allow them to independently leave their homes. Nurse Practitioner, with their strong nursing and medical backgrounds, are excellent choices for the care of this population.
  • What areas of New York do you service?
    Grand Street on the East and West side, up to 120th St. on the East and 110th St. on the West side.
  • How do I qualify for this service?
    If you are unable to leave your home without the help of another individual or assistive device (walker, wheelchair, etc...), or if leaving your home is physically taxing, you are an ideal candidate for this unique home visiting program. Please contact us to find out if this program is right for you.
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